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Sarantis Belgrade LTD.

Our history as part of Sarantis Group, begins with Sarantis Belgrade establishment in 1997. Our activity includes the distribution of own personal care and homecare products as well as the distribution of personal care products of international consumer companies through representation agreements. Our partners include companies like Puig, Sodalis Group , Johnson & Johnson etc.

Part of our history is the acquisition of the homecare brand Topstar in 2011, which significantly strengthened our position in the Serbian market. Moreover, we carry out exports to Montenegro and Croatia enhancing the Group’s export activity.

Sarantis Belgrade is part of Sarantis Group

Sarantis Group is a multinational consumer products company boasting a continuously expanding geographical footprint and leading brands. As part of the Group, we share the same philosophy in how we do business. As a purpose-driven company we care to accomplish our mission, while adopting socially responsible practices and environmental friendly production methods.

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12 countries


50 countries

Strong international presence

We operate in 13 countries and have presence through exports in more than 50 countries worldwide

Financial Performance

Over the last decade we doubled our financial size, maintaining our financial strength and our ability to self-finance our strategic plan

Strategic partnerships

We collaborate with leading international consumer companies that aim to grow their business in our region.



Point of sales

Strong distribution network across our region and commercial excellence in the PoS reinforce our consumers engagement.

years of presence

A history full of successes that shapes the way we do business today.

Production facilities

operating under the strictest quality and safety criteria


of high quality and recognition in our portfolio

Our Quality Commitment

Quality plays an essential role in building trust, credibility and loyalty with our consumers, while it is the foundation behind the Group’s product development process.

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