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Transformation Through Innovation: Johnson’s® Announces Biggest Relaunch In Brand’s 125 Year History


JOHNSON’S® launches over 50 new products with improvements inside & outside, promising only the best for baby and helping parents to #ChooseGentle

 JOHNSON’S® brand has improved, inside and out, to deliver everything parents want and nothing that they don’t. With a mission to create the gentlest baby products in the world, backed by science and testing, JOHNSON’S® has transformed to meet the needs of today’s modern parents with products and packaging to provide only the best for baby.

JOHNSON’S® understands that today’s parents have different wants and needs from the products they use on their babies, both inside and out. With decades of pioneering research in baby care and rigorous testing, JOHNSON’S® has worked with thousands of real parents to improve everything about their products so they can trust and feel confident using them.  Over 400 ingredients were rejected during the reformulation. The simpler, gentler products are free from parabens, sulphates and dyes* and are formulated to minimise the risk of allergies  and have 90% naturally derived ingredients.**

The relaunch won’t only reformulate existing products ,but will also see the introduction of revolutionary technology and scientific expertise in baby skincare. The new JOHNSON’S® CottonTouchTM range is specially designed for newborns sensitive skin. The ultra-light, and perfectly pH balanced wash and lotion are made with real cotton and enhances an ultra-gentle touch. The products use purposeful ingredients, and no parabens, phthalates or sulphates. The CottonTouchTM  fragrance was tested worldwide and has been scientifically proven to elevate the emotional bond between parent and baby, for a less stressful bath time, assisting with infant development and emotional growth.

Senior Director, Global Scientific Engagement at Johnson & Johnson Consumer, David Mays: “We have always put parents at the heart of our brand. For this monumental relaunch, we have really listened to parents to truly understand exactly what they need from their skincare products. As a brand, we are committed to rigorous testing and have worked tirelessly with scientists, paediatricians and dermatologists to create products as gentle as we want the world to be. Johnson & Johnson has pioneered the science in baby skincare for 125 years and we’re very proud of this heritage. So, we are thrilled to be able to offer families the opportunity to try the entire range and know they are giving their baby the best care.”

All the new products have been specifically designed to fit into four categories caring for newborns straight from birth, active babies on the move, independent toddlers and not forgetting the iconic, loved classics.

 Newborn: designed to celebrate bonding and encourage the feeling of security between parent and child with the introduction of CottonTouchTM.

Active Baby: specifically created for little ones on the move to aid discovery and exploration. The Bedtime range with  Natural CalmTM aroma can be used as part of  a clinically proven routine to help baby to fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer when used as part of a routine.

Toddler+: for the independent toddlers, the new range is designed with both parents and children at the core, with fun packaging and new characters and detangling and strengthening ingredients to make bath time easier for parents.

Originals: the scent that is truly associated with baby, a range can’t be forgotten, the Originals have also been reformulated to remove dyes* and unwanted ingredients that don’t benefit baby, but still retaining their iconic scent and performance.

Transformation Through Innovation: Johnson’s® Announces Biggest Relaunch In Brand’s 125 Year History (366.8KB)

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