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Best products in Serbia according to the choice of users for 2021

4 MAY 2021

 “Chosen product of the year”

Belgrade, 4th May 2021- After four years of existence in Serbia, considering new circumstances and the pandemic, that changed and impacted all of us, manifestation “Chosen product of the year”, for the first time has been performed virtually. As well as previous years, innovation and new approach have been valued, and the only mark of success of products and manufacturers was  satisfied and motivated user.

This marketing concept, that has been present in the world for 34 years resulted with success and influence in more than 40 most developed countries in the world, and at our market has become very valued and prestige during the past couple of years. Manufacturers whose products were upgraded have received awards, and the quality has been recognized by users, that participated in the AC Nielsen research.

“Exceptionality of the “Chosen product of the year” is precisely in transparency and methodology, according to which the winners are chosen only by the users. Particularly, the best in categories are chosen by users using nationally representative study with representative sample of population according to the gender, age and regions, which is performed by the greatest reputable world company for research Nielsen. Accordingly, the winners are recommendation to buyers form the buyers and there is not any other relevant influence to the award. In the election for  the “Chosen product” may only be participated by the products that have had any novelty, change, improvement, innovation during the past 18 months. This has been a great challenge this year. We are certain that, as up to now, this award shall be a recommendation to the buyers and approved marketing tool for future companies of winners that always have exceptional results. Almost always the greatest companies recognize the importance of this award, and they are accompanied by those that are just preparing to take the market in this category.”- stated  Dušan Đorić, Country Manager for the chosen product of the year for Serbia.

This year the awards were given to: Spray Max cleaner for floor Vileda, Dobra ovsena kaša (Oat meal), Kosili baby, LM tox spray against insects, Prima sticks Grissini, Fairy extra+, Ariel All in 1 PODS, Fino Green Life Flexy Sponge, Heineken 0.0.

As previous years, probationers voted for winners in numerous categories, in field of nutritive products, cleaning products and products for personal care, and innovation, attractivity and will for purchase, were three main indicators that highlighted this years'  favorites.

These nine products-winners, that will carry the mark “Chosen product of the year” during the following year, will be still tested by the buyers in everyday use, and according to the previous experience of winners, both locally and globally, which means expected sales growth up to 20%. This award is unique and totally independent and cannot be acquired in any other way except voting by the buyers and it is not influenced by marketing or financial power of the company or the brand.

Best products in Serbia according to the choice of users for 2021 (284.7KB)

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